Posts for me to look back on, starting from my maternity leave to days out, travel and moving to France

The ordinary moments #51

| Diary

Lucas is side on to the camera. You can see a lake behind him. He is looking down at his magnet board

Last week we went for a walk around Des Tourbières de Vendoire. This translates to the boglands of Vendoire which doesn’t make it sound very appealing but it’s a stunning place to walk around and very serene. There are many bogs to explore connected by numerous bridges and viewing posts. Each bog has an information […] Read more…


The ordinary moments #50

| Diary

A blue and orange sky during sunset

We moved house a couple of weeks ago and where we live now is really making me appreciate how beautiful the area is. The school is is surrounded by winding roads, hills and fields for as far as you can see. Rather than stopping for traffic and people crossing over, I’m pulling over whilst I […] Read more…


The ordinary moments #47

| Diary

Lucas eating a cream pastry

Now Lucas has started school, our days out and coffee stops have definitely decreased. However, we do love a good coffee and cake so on Tuesday after school, D and I both went to pick Lucas up and nipped to the boulangerie around the corner for a coffee and pastry x   Read more…


The ordinary moments #46

| Diary

Lucas sat on a tree branch. he is wearing a jurassic park tshirt, jeans and navy trainers. the light is that of a sunsetting shining on the trees behind lucas

Although Lucas has settled into school really well and talks about his friends, we were both excited to go and meet someone new this week that we could both speak to in English. I have been talking to someone in one of the expat groups who lives 20 minutes away from us and she has […] Read more…


The ordinary moments #45

| Diary

Lucas playing an outdoor wooden game

Last Sunday Lucas and I went into Ribérac for a fun day that was happening. It was actually on all weekend, the leaflet came home in Lucas’ school bag so we thought we would check it out. There was lots of Lego and Duplo set out on tables to play with. A huge display of […] Read more…


The ordinary moments #44

| Diary

Lucas holding a plant up that he grew at school

For the last couple of weeks, Lucas has been telling us about the plant that he is growing at school. Each weekend he has said how he can’t wait to go and check on it and how proud he is of himself. On Friday, he brought the plant home with him and look at how […] Read more…


The ordinary moments #43

| Diary

Lucas and I in the pool

Lucas has settled into school really well and has soon adapted to his new home and routine. We are very lucky to be renting somewhere with such a big garden and have been making the most of it, playing out after school this week with the mild weather. The temperature got to late 20’s today […] Read more…