Halloween at Tatton Park

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  On Saturday, Lucas and I went to Tatton Park with 2 of my friends and their children. Lucas and I have been to Tatton a couple of times before as we were ambassadors for the Roald Dahl events last year. This time, we were invited* to explore the Halloween activities that are on until […] Read more…


The ordinary moments #18 – dog walking

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Walking the dog my mum and Lucas walking a big white fluffy dog through the field. My mum has a mustard coloured jumper in with dark blue jeans, short brown curly hair. Lucas has short wavy blonde hair holding the dogs lead and wearing dark blue jeans and black long sleeves top

My parents are dog sitting for a couple of weeks. The dog is like a huge ball of fluff and Lucas keeps asking to go and visit Grandma’s doggy. He loves trying to take control with the lead on walks x   View this post on Instagram How adorable is this huge fur baby that […] Read more…


The ordinary moments #16

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Ordinary moments. Lucas stood in a changing room wearing a tiger hooded towel looking at the camera

When Lucas was a baby I took him swimming regularly but this past year, we haven’t been much so I decided to book us in a block of lessons to make me go. He loved it, he soon got back into kicking his legs, although watching him try to walk in water was like he […] Read more…


The ordinary moments #15 – mini BBQ

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mini BBQ

I have been so lazy with blogging lately but I feel like I have had no time to do anything and this past week has been lovely weather so I’ve been making the most of being out in the sun. This is a pic of us having a mini BBQ in the garden. We bought […] Read more…


BlogOn May 2017

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BlogOn May 2017

Last Sunday, I went to BlogOn in Manchester. I went in September and it was my first blogging conference, I met 2 other bloggers at the train station that I knew through other people and we nervously went together, none of us knowing what to expect. It was a fab experience, I learnt lots and […] Read more…


Happy days #14

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happy days Southport

If you haven’t seen a happy days post before, it is where I focus on the good things that have happened throughout the week instead of getting bogged down by negativity. I’ve not done a happy days post since the beginning of April, we’ve had lots of lovely days out in the past month We […] Read more…