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The ordinary moments #65

| Diary, Food & Drink

Lucas sat outside at the table smiling at the camera with a spoon in his hand and cherry tart in front of him

This past couple of weeks, we have been receiving lots of fresh cherries on our doorstep. This week, we realised it was our neighbour who was leaving them, when he came up with a bucket full whilst we were sat outside. Yesterday, we decided to make a cherry tart. Lucas was very proud of himself, […] Read more…

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The ordinary moments #64

| Diary

A photo taken behind Lucas over his shoulders showing him stamping into a field page

  As I’ve recently become an Usborne books organiser, I got a few books that would encourage Lucas to ask to do something other than play on his tablet or Xbox. He loves playing with Lego and outside, he also loves crafty time but when we are trying to get work done and want him […] Read more…


The ordinary moments #63

| Diary

Lucas sat on play equipment in the play area

For the first time in over two months, we have been further than within walking distance of our house! We ventured to an empty park and it was lovely to see some different scenery. We can now leave the house without having to fill in a form saying the reason for our outing and can […] Read more…


The ordinary moments #61

| Diary

Peach yellow and cream flowers picked from the garden in a blue stripy vase

I think tomorrow marks us being in lockdown for 6 weeks, maybe 5, I’m not too sure now. I know we went into lockdown a week before the UK did. All the days and weeks are rolling into one now. This weeks ordinary moments photo are flowers picked from the garden by Lucas x   Read more…


The ordinary moments #60

| Diary

Lucas was sent various exercises and challenges to do from school. There was a quiz on previous olympics and he had to draw key workers still working. We think this is instead of a sports day at school and he has been told he will get a certificate once back x   Read more…


The ordinary moments #56

| Diary

Lucas playing football in the garden

This weeks ordinary moments are something no one could have thought of this time last year. We’ve had our first full week of school closures here in France and all but essential shops (food and pharmacy) are closed. If we go out, we have to fill a form out to show police, should we be […] Read more…