Moving to France

Moving to France blog posts on Chilling with Lucas blog all about how to move to France, obstacles when moving to France and what to look for when moving from the UK to France. Moving to France from the UK documenting everything from starting school in France, opening a French bank account, renting cars in France and buying a house. Moving to France requires some planning and taking some trips over to explore the area you would like to live in would be a good idea. Explore the region in France you want to move to from the UK to get an idea of the kind of French lifestyle you would be adapting to. The first week in the home when moving to France was all about getting settled in our new French home and adjusting to the French way of life. Exploring the Dordogne region when moving to France and finding fun family things to do in the Dordogne region in France. Moving to Dordogne France from the UK with children. Helping children settle in France when moving from the UK. Looking for the cheapest way to hire a car in France whilst exploring and the best family-friendly french rental cars. Hiring a car in the Dordogne region of France. French market towns and villages in the Dordogne region and finding family-friendly places to visit after moving to Dordogne region. Late-night drives in France are a great chance to visit local villages in the Dordogne region. Capturing the French sunset on evening drives in France. Exploring the Dordogne for homes to rent and exploring the Dordogne for homes to buy in France. Finding the perfect French family home Dordogne. Visiting Champagne annual fete as a family. Visiting Edon in France. Enrolling a child in a French school and how to start a child’s education when moving to France. 

Moving abroad with children

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Moving abroad with children

  Moving abroad with children is a challenge, however, with careful planning and preparation, moving abroad can also be one the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences a child can have. I’ve teamed up with Allianz Care to bring you some tips on moving abroad with kids to help ease the transition. When preparing children for […] Read more…


The ordinary moments #66

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Lucas stood in the garden with his arms up and smiling. The house is in the background

We’ve finally signed for the house! We had the offer accepted 7 months ago but due to one reason or other, paperwork and covid it has been held up. The notaire even realised that she hadn’t got all the paperwork an hour before we were meant to sign but thankfully they managed to get it […] Read more…


Opening a French bank account

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    In the UK we take for granted the amenities available to us, I had three banks in the UK, one for my bills, one for household bills and one for my spending money. It’s never been anything I’ve had to overthink as they can be opened within 10 minutes online and are free, […] Read more…