Cheap things to do in Provence, France

| France, Travel & Days Out

a french chateau and some lavender fields in provence south france

Provence is a region in southern France, famous for beautiful weather and unique, local goods. Here are some fun, relatively inexpensive things to do there. Provence stretches across southeastern France, encompasses rural farm towns rich in history, spacious lavender fields and the province even lays claim to a beautiful stretch of the Cote D’Azur. The […] Read more…


The ordinary moments #67

| Diary

Lucas walking outside with his pull along suitcase he uses for school. He’s wearing a black Tshirt and red and blue shorts

Lucas went back to school on Monday as it is mandatory again in France. He has had a good week and enjoyed seeing his friends again, although he is looking forward to the Summer holidays. Only one week to go!   Read more…


Actionable Ways to Cope With Hair Loss

| Health & Beauty, Lifestyle

Actionable Ways to Cope With Hair Loss

  Hair loss is one of the most common problems affecting men and women from around the globe, and while the causes might differ from individual to individual, it can be a stressful and embarrassing issue for many. Thankfully, there are actually some actionable steps you could take to cope with it. Coconut Oil Massage […] Read more…


Redo Your Living Room on a Budget

| Home & Garden, Lifestyle

Redo Your Living Room on a Budget

  It’s where you watch TV, relax and drink your coffee. Your living room is one of the most used spaces in your home, and naturally, it deserves that little re-do. You can do that even when you’re on a budget. Discover some of the best actionable tips to redo your living room even when […] Read more…