Why playing outside is so important for children

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Why playing outside is so important to children

  With iPads and TV screens taking up a huge chunk of time everyday, children today are hardly getting outdoor exposure, and that’s bad, in more ways than one. Time and time again, studies have found how playing outside is extremely important for children, and if you’re wondering how, here’s a bit of insight into […] Read more…


The best coffee cups for anyone

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The best coffee cups

  One of the most pleasant ways to start a morning is with a delicious cup of coffee. That said, if you do not have the proper mug, your coffee could get cold too quickly, or it might not be enough to be satisfying. So many things go into choosing the right mug, but for […] Read more…


Free resources for homeschooling

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I never have been and never will be a home schooler, we are only in our first morning of french school closures due to the corona virus and I don’t know how people do it long term. I saw Jean Parnell, The Messy Mum, share these resources on Facebook and to save me trawling through […] Read more…


Free stories for children

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A selection of free children’s stories on sooper books

  Have you seen my new header? It has been designed by Charlene Mitchell. Charlene trained as a professional illustrator at one of the UK’s top Art Schools. She has worked with some of the world’s most famous greetings card companies and won awards for her wonderful illustrations.     She now works with her […] Read more…