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Teaching children to save money

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2 pairs of adult hands and a childs hands holding a jar of coins

  Learning to save money is an important skill for children that parents can start early at home with a piggy bank and with an account at a bank. If an allowance is part of a child’s life, then parents have an opportunity to teach children about the importance of saving and budgeting money. Talk […] Read more…


Everyday Money Saving Tips for Working Parents

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Household budgeting can be a real chore when you have children. Somehow, being a parent manages to catapult you into a life of uncertainty. Even if one or both parents are in stable employment, the expenses that come with having children can sometimes be unexpected. Children have a habit of suddenly announcing school trips that […] Read more…


Save £100’s on your summer holiday

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Save £100’s on your summer holiday

Booking a holiday on your credit card this year? Did you know that booking a £3,000 holiday using a credit card with a 21.9% APR could cost you more than £600 in interest over two years? Shopping around for credit options before booking your holiday is a savvy way to manage your money. And it […] Read more…

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Budgeting Basics for Busy, Active Families

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Budgeting Basics for Busy, Active Families

  You want what’s best for your family and you’re probably ready to make financial changes to secure a more stable future. Unfortunately, many families live from one paycheck to another and if an emergency occurs, this often entails maxing out credit cards or taking out personal loans. Budgeting can be a lot easier than […] Read more…


Opening a French bank account

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    In the UK we take for granted the amenities available to us, I had three banks in the UK, one for my bills, one for household bills and one for my spending money. It’s never been anything I’ve had to overthink as they can be opened within 10 minutes online and are free, […] Read more…


How much should you save for your child’s future?

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  Having children is expensive, from day one we are buying clothes, nappies and other essentials. Then it comes to childcare expenses, classes for them to attend, school trips, hobbies etc. I’ve been putting money away for Lucas in a savings account since he was born, some months more than others, depending on what I’ve […] Read more…