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Budgeting Basics for Busy, Active Families

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Budgeting Basics for Busy, Active Families

  You want what’s best for your family and you’re probably ready to make financial changes to secure a more stable future. Unfortunately, many families live from one paycheck to another and if an emergency occurs, this often entails maxing out credit cards or taking out personal loans. Budgeting can be a lot easier than […] Read more…


Opening a French bank account

| Money, Moving to France

    In the UK we take for granted the amenities available to us, I had three banks in the UK, one for my bills, one for household bills and one for my spending money. It’s never been anything I’ve had to overthink as they can be opened within 10 minutes online and are free, […] Read more…


How much should you save for your child’s future?

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  Having children is expensive, from day one we are buying clothes, nappies and other essentials. Then it comes to childcare expenses, classes for them to attend, school trips, hobbies etc. I’ve been putting money away for Lucas in a savings account since he was born, some months more than others, depending on what I’ve […] Read more…


Big savings for big families

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  Having a big family can be awesome. However, it can also be expensive, particularly with today’s high cost of living. Therefore, managing your finances is especially important for those bigger families as you will inevitably have more outgoings every month. The good news is there are always ways to save money, even if you […] Read more…


5 ways to save money long term

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  Long-term savings are crucial if you’re looking to be financially independent. Whether you’re looking to tighten your belt to boost the amount you’re able to save, or looking to invest your money to generate returns, there are different methods of securing your financial future. Here’s 5 top tips to help you save money long-term. […] Read more…


7 ways to save money on maternity leave

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  When you should be so excited for the arrival on your little one and relaxing before they come along it can be difficult when you are thinking about how you will manage money wise whilst off work. I remember thinking about how little we would have coming in from maternity pay especially as I […] Read more…


7 ways to spend less money on your supermarket shopping

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7 Ways to spend less money on your supermarket shopping

  No matter how careful you might be with your cash, you’re always going to have to spend at least some of your budget on food shopping. Unfortunately, supermarkets are well-known for the tricks and tactics they use to encourage customers to spend more than they really need to on food items and everyday essentials. […] Read more…


How to make the most of Black Friday

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  I recently wrote how to save money in the run up to Christmas and briefly touched on using the Black Friday sales. Using a website such as MyVoucherCodes can help you get further discounts on the already reduced Black Friday prices. In the lead up to Black Friday, the MVC Savvy Squad has been […] Read more…