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Health Tips to Avoid Age-Related Illnesses

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Health Tips to Avoid Age-Related Illnesses. Image shows Senior women giving each other high five

    Certain ailments tend to come up later in life. Diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis, and memory loss are some of the most common illnesses that afflict many older people. Diseases and health conditions are influenced by many factors, including heredity, environment, and socioeconomic circumstances. Lifestyle also plays a significant role in age-related diseases, and […] Read more…


The health benefits of Meditation – giveaway

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Meditation may sound like an exotic spiritual or religious ritual, but it is actually a relaxation technique combining various practices without a religious doctrine. It could mean focusing on an object or sound, visualisation and becoming aware of and regulating the breath. The aim is to achieve a sense of peace and relaxation, thus leading […] Read more…


Coping with anxiety over Christmas

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Many people struggle with anxiety leading up to Christmas and during the holiday months. Learning to effectively cope with this anxiety can help make any holiday more enjoyable Feeling higher levels of anxiety around the holidays is something many people struggle with on an annual basis. Seeing family members, shopping for Christmas presents, and travelling […] Read more…


Why You Should Prioritise Your Health

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Why You Should Prioritise Your Health

  In today’s money-driven, career-oriented way of life, many people neglect their health which is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Many people put so much focus on their career and financial state that they either neglect or do not have the time/energy to look after themselves properly. Health Issues When you neglect […] Read more…


Taking Care of Your Health in Winter

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a lady in a black coat and gret fingerless gloves blowing snow from her hands

  Now that the weather has turned remarkably colder, it won’t be long before the dreaded winter viruses rear their ugly head. If you want to make sure you stay fit and healthy this winter, you’ll want to start focusing on your health now. Here, you’ll discover how to take care of your health this […] Read more…