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A beginners guide to weight training

| Health & Beauty, Lifestyle

  Weight training is really simple. If you’ve never tried it but seen other people doing it when you’ve walked past the weights area at your local gym, if may seem quite scary. Everyone seems to be an expert in what they are doing. Trying to understand advanced concepts and training patterns can be pretty […] Read more…


Simple Steps to Better Managing Anxiety

| Health & Beauty, Lifestyle

Lady that looks stressed

Do you suffer from anxiety? You’re not alone. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders are the most common mental disorders among adults in the United States. Anxiety affects over 18% of the population each year. Anxiety may affect you in a number of different ways. It can lead to depression, […] Read more…


How to Transition From Road to Trail Running

| Health & Beauty, Lifestyle

trail running

Whether you’re an avid runner or enjoy a run around the neighbourhood in the morning to wake yourself up and stay fit, transitioning from road running to trail running can be difficult. Trails are a more challenging experience because you’re on difficult terrain that changes at every step. There are hills, rocks, and obstacles on […] Read more…


How to choose children’s hand sanitiser

| Health & Beauty, Lifestyle

scented hand sanitiser

Sanitising our hands is extremely important to reduce the chances of getting ill and spreading bacteria, germs and viruses to others. It’s even more important for children, as they have a passion for touching their faces after touching anything and everything. Whether it is with soap and water or with hand sanitiser, keeping our hands […] Read more…


Healthy body, healthy mind

| Fashion, Health & Beauty, Lifestyle

I’m walking towards the camera wearing a green lighthouse clothing coat

  The importance of being healthy is a must. Having a healthy body also encourages a healthy mind. Being healthy allows you to feel good about yourself, giving you a great amount of self-confidence. Replenish Yourself Water! Water! Water! Water does so many great things for your body. For one, it cleans out your system. […] Read more…


Maintaining hygiene for home and health

| Health & Beauty, Lifestyle

antibacterial hand gel

  In recent times and for obvious reasons, hygiene and cleanliness in both the home and personally have been under much greater scrutiny. One of the main ways to avoid surface contaminants is to use anti-bacterial surface cleansing sprays, which most people will do as a matter of course. Most of these are also very […] Read more…