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Finding my skincare essentials with Tropic

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Tropic cleanser bottle on grass with yellow flowers

  Over the last few months, I have been using some Tropic skincare products and I’ve loved them that much that I’ve took the leap to become an ambassador and use the products when giving facials in my beauty business! Here’s the ones that I have been loving…   Smoothing cleanser Created for all skin […] Read more…


Getting more active through play

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Lucas and I are on a seesaw getting active through play

    ESP Play recently carried out some research with Liverpool John Moores University about childhood obesity. They found that in a child’s PE lesson at school 68% is spent stationary. I think that is ridiculously high, especially when PE lessons aren’t that long or regular. I know the school Lucas is meant to be […] Read more…


Stop overthinking and Calm Down your Mind

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Have you ever wondered what is really holding you back from everything that you want to do? More often than not, people overthink, and that’s actually worse than you think it is. For someone who tends to overthink, a little obstacle or hurdle can turn into a giant problem, which can cripple them and their […] Read more…


Home made body scrubs

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Every day we subject our skin to environmental pollutants and harmful effects of the sun which clog our pores making skin appear dull and lifeless. In our mid-20s our skin begins to lose that firm, youthful glow as the production of collagen and elastin begins to slow. An article in the Boston Globe revealed that […] Read more…


Aromatherapy for children

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Aromatherapy is one form of natural healing which can be introduced to children at a young age; in fact, some essential oils can safely be used in pregnancy and immediately after the baby is born. However, even if aromatherapy is not introduced to children until they are a few years old, it is both a […] Read more…


Banishing bloating with simple changes

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Advertisement   My Grandma is well known in the family as one that says what she thinks, whether it will cause offence or not. A few weeks ago whilst I was visiting my Grandma, she prodded my stomach and said ‘Ooh you’ve not had a tummy before’. I know my Grandma, and know she adores […] Read more…


Encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle for children

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fun spring games

A few simple but effective changes can help parents guide their children to a more healthy and active lifestyle. Today’s parents are increasingly aware of the health risks associated with poor nutrition and low activity levels in children. Doctors, school teachers and other health professionals have been working to educate children and promote healthy lifestyles […] Read more…


Simple ways to clear your mental clutter

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Just like physical clutter, any amount of mental clutter can slow you down in terms of productivity and also affect your positivity levels. If you too, feel stressed and are often hit by anxiety and worry and have a lot of mental clutter accumulated, here’s a little help. Discover some of the best actionable ways […] Read more…