The Brasserie, Lancaster review. I am looking at the camera whilst drinking a yellow cocktail



Thanks for popping by.

I am in my early 30’s and live in Lancashire with my partner, D and our son, Lucas, born Feb 2015. We are spending Summer 2019 in the Dordogne, France looking at houses with a view to buying over there. This blog is my part on the internet where I may whitter on about something that is on my mind, jot down milestones, diarise our days out and holidays, put recipes that I have tried for me to return to and any other bits and bobs that I fancy.


Geronimo Festival 2018 review D and Lucas looking at the camera sat on the horse merry go round


From being 18 I have worked full time as a support worker in various settings but mainly in the community supporting adults with learning disabilities. Since having Lucas and finishing my maternity leave, I have returned to that job part time, trained as a nail technician and also do freelance writing, social media management and work as a virtual assistant.



D works writing CV’s. He guest posts occasionally. Lucas is a cheeky little fella with lots of energy and spends the majority of the day smiling at anyone he sees. We love spending time as a family, relaxing at home, going swimming, on days out and venturing down the woods with our wellies on.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to work with me x