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Cheap ways to be eco friendly

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eco friendly

There are many cheap ways to be eco-friendly every day; just look for a more efficient way of doing things and recycle, reduce, reuse, and unplug. Most people are conscious of the amount of waste they produce and are taking steps to reduce that amount and be more eco-friendly. Small, everyday changes that cost almost […] Read more…


Plants for the holiday season

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Plants for the holiday season that are perfect for Christmas decorations from red and white amaryllis, holiday cacti, poinsettia & evergreens

Amaryllis Red or white amaryllis as cut flowers make simple, but dramatic holiday compositions. The large trumpet-shaped blossoms arranged with greenery in a clear glass vase about 10 inches high look sophisticated, but uncluttered. Foliage like leatherleaf fern, seeded eucalyptus, myrtle or sprigs of local evergreens draws attention to the flowers. About one inch of […] Read more…


Christmas decorating tips

| Home & Garden, Lifestyle

Christmas decorating tips. For the decorator with limited time and funds, tune in to the five senses to decorate the home for the holidays.

For the decorator with limited time and funds, tune in to the five senses to decorate the home for the holidays. Focus on items that look, smell, sound, taste and feel festive to achieve a holiday home easily without spending a lot of money. Décor That Lights up Their Eyes Especially around the holidays, it’s […] Read more…


Ways to Make a Home More Senior-Friendly

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Easy access shower

  As you get older, it’s important that you take the time to analyse your current living environment. As you enter your senior years, it’s understandable that you’ll want to stay in your own home no matter what. However, if your mobility is beginning to decline, performing simple tasks may be challenging. Thankfully, there are […] Read more…


How to Choose and Install Real Wood Flooring

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wooden floor

  Timeless and elegant, what’s not to love about real wood flooring? What’s best is the fact that laying and installing it is actually quite simple, and a good home improvement project for DIY enthusiasts. If you’re planning to redo your home and install real wood flooring, here’s what you need to know, a few […] Read more…