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Tips on Cleaning Your Vacuum

| Home & Garden, Lifestyle

a vacuum next to white trainers

  I’m sure plenty of us have taken the time in lockdown to do a spring clean of our houses and a kitchen deep clean. What’s often neglected though is the spring clean of our equipment including our vacuum. Clean the canister Many vacuums no longer use bags but if yours does, discard the bag. […] Read more…


Do Energy Saving Devices Work?

| Home & Garden

  Ever wonder if such energy-saving devices work or they are more of a marketing strategy? The truth is, you haven’t tried using one, you will never know how efficient they are when helping you reduce and manage energy consumption. All of these devices are made to simplify and help you monitor your energy usage […] Read more…

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Create a colourful garden with feng shui

| Home & Garden, Lifestyle

  Use Asian principles of Feng Shui to design garden landscapes. Colour combinations may consist of harmonies or contrast for a beautiful flower bed. Feng Shui is a Chinese system used to create a harmonious environment. Feng Shui principles can be used inside and outside the home to clear negative energy. Design principles include placement […] Read more…


Why neutral flooring is the way forward

| Home & Garden, Lifestyle

    With minimalistic decors such as those inspired by Scandinavian design and clean-cut finishes taking hold of the world of interior design, neutral flooring has grown ever popular with homeowners who are striving to achieve these styles. Some associate neutral colours with being dull or boring, but this isn’t the case! Not only do […] Read more…