What happened on January 10th?

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infographic showing what happened on 10th january

It’s my birthday today, I’m not doing much but Lucas is off school today as he’s still on his Christmas holidays from school. This week, his school have been on a ski trip which Lucas didn’t want to go on. We didn’t want to push him either as he is only 4 and week away […] Read more…


The health benefits of Meditation – giveaway

| Giveaways, Health & Beauty

Meditation may sound like an exotic spiritual or religious ritual, but it is actually a relaxation technique combining various practices without a religious doctrine. It could mean focusing on an object or sound, visualisation and becoming aware of and regulating the breath. The aim is to achieve a sense of peace and relaxation, thus leading […] Read more…


How to flourish in college

| Family, Lifestyle

How to flourish in college

  If you’re a young person about to enter college, you probably imagine it’s like high school but with a little more freedom. You’ll have the choice to live at home or move away. You’ll also enjoy more academic liberties. One day, many years after college, maybe decades later, you will wistfully confide to someone, […] Read more…


How to get wear from clip on vintage earrings

| Fashion

  I love vintage and antique jewellery. It is so beautiful and if I do ever get engaged I would love a vintage garnet engagement ring rather than a modern diamond ring. I like to look at vintage jewellery online and one place that I’ve recently spotted is Carus Jewellery. We also often go round […] Read more…


Coping with anxiety over Christmas

| Health & Beauty, Lifestyle

Many people struggle with anxiety leading up to Christmas and during the holiday months. Learning to effectively cope with this anxiety can help make any holiday more enjoyable Feeling higher levels of anxiety around the holidays is something many people struggle with on an annual basis. Seeing family members, shopping for Christmas presents, and travelling […] Read more…


Budget children’s room ideas

| Home & Garden, Lifestyle

Creating a calm bedroom for your child. pale pink wallpaper with white clouds

  Children can be expensive, so save money where you can by using some of these budget children’s room ideas. There are many expensive bedroom sets available for children, they’re very cute but super expensive and there’s no reason to spend a lot when you can come up with very clever children’s room ideas that […] Read more…


My latest finds from Femme Luxe Finery

| Fashion, Lifestyle

I stood outside next to a bricked building wearing ripped jeans and black mesh Bardot top from femme luxe

  Here’s my latest goodies from Femme Luxe. What do you think of my choices?     I started by going through their tops and chose a black mesh bardot long sleeve bodysuit. The mesh bodysuit is available in black or mocha. I chose the black bodysuit and paired it with a pair of mid […] Read more…


Alternatives to wrapping paper

| Lifestyle

Alternatives to wrapping paper for more eco friendly ways to wrap gifts and some zero waste wrapping ideas for presents and parcels

Instead of reaching for yet another roll of glossy, ink laden wrapping paper, why not branch out and explore some interesting alternative ways to present your gifts and make your wrapping a little more eco friendly? Children’s art work Anyone with young children will no doubt be supplied with endless works of art tenderly drawn […] Read more…


Keeping warm with home insulation

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Keeping warm with home insulation and saving energy and money on your household bills with different types of home insulation

  I’ve recently written about Winter proofing your house and touched upon making sure your house is insulated properly. Good insulation is essential. Even the attic needs to be properly insulated. If it isn’t, cold air can get into the attic and that will compete with the warm air that naturally rises. Proper insulation also […] Read more…

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