Winter proofing your house

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a cobbled street covered in snow with houses along the side

  The arrival of winter weather means the rise of utility bills for many parts of the world. There are a host of different things that people may be unaware of, but that can cause a utility bill to rise substantially. The key to preventing the utility bill from creeping up and surprising you in […] Read more…


Why You Should Prioritise Your Health

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Why You Should Prioritise Your Health

  In today’s money-driven, career-oriented way of life, many people neglect their health which is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Many people put so much focus on their career and financial state that they either neglect or do not have the time/energy to look after themselves properly. Health Issues When you neglect […] Read more…


Taking Care of Your Health in Winter

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a lady in a black coat and gret fingerless gloves blowing snow from her hands

  Now that the weather has turned remarkably colder, it won’t be long before the dreaded winter viruses rear their ugly head. If you want to make sure you stay fit and healthy this winter, you’ll want to start focusing on your health now. Here, you’ll discover how to take care of your health this […] Read more…


Finding a genuine designer watch

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silver rolex watch with diamond surround

  A watch is an extension of somebodies personality. A great watch will hold it’s value through time and in some cases, increase. I know a few people who collect watches and own 3 or 4 pieces from the same brand from different ranges. How do you know you are purchasing a genuine watch? It’s […] Read more…


Get organised with office furniture

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Home office design. get organised with office furniture

  If you work from home or spend a considerable amount of time following a secondary career from the comfort of your own home, or even if you are simply looking to turn a room into a home office for the sake of work-related storage, there are countless ways to get organised by using home […] Read more…


The Busy Woman’s Skincare Routine

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The Busy Woman's Skincare Routine

  Busy schedules and responsibilities can easily vie for your attention and make it difficult to enjoy your much-needed self care time. However, it’s essential to spend time taking care of yourself, especially on your beauty routine. You don’t have to feel guilty for making time for yourself and giving your skin the attention it […] Read more…