Vegan one pound meals and giveaway

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A white plate of stacked fritters with potatoes next to it

  We’ve dramatically cut down on the meat consumption over the past few months but we can struggle for ideas. I was recently sent* a Vegan Box from Vegan Apron. There are 4 types of vegan recipe boxes that can be delivered weekly. The recipe boxes come with everything you need to make 3 meals […] Read more…


Check out my Happy T-shirt! Giveaway

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Close up of the charcoal T-shirt with a rainbow on and white Happy writing. Behind me are yellow flowers

A few weeks ago whilst I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, a sponsored ad came up with a ‘Happy’ T-shirt and I immediately wanted one. It’s designed by Pickle London, who until I saw the ad, I hadn’t heard of, so that shows that sponsored ads work! I popped over to their website and they […] Read more…


The benefits of children gardening

| Home & Garden

Children can benefit from gardening in significant ways. The garden is a place for children to have fun, learn and grow into healthy individuals. Gardening is fun Children love to be outside, they love dirt, water and insects so the garden is a perfect playground for them to romp, explore and be creative. Digging in […] Read more…


Ways to help your child’s education

| Family

Watching your child perform well at school and in academics can be a very fulfilling and satisfying feeling, and quite frankly, that’s what we all want to experience as parents. But that, just like the other parts of parenting, takes effort to achieve- so here’s helping you with that. Focus on Consistency Consistency is the […] Read more…


Healthy alternatives to ice cream

| Food & Drink

With Summer fast approaching, I have been looking for some alternatives to ice cream… Fruit and Veg lollies This idea has come from a book I was sent a while back called Get Your Kids To Eat Anything. The delicious smoothie lollies contain only natural ingredients and can be whizzed up in minutes. Using natural […] Read more…


Fun Spring games

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fun spring games

Here are some fun games and activities that can be played outside with a group of kids of any age. Variations on Tag The game of tag has so many variations they could fill an entire book. Here are a few ideas to get the children started. Shadow Tag is a variation where the person […] Read more…


Brightening your home with VELUX roof windows

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Brightening your home with VELUX roof windows. my kitchen with two velux roof windows, in front of you is a range cooker with tiles wall and at either side is wooden cupboards with granite worktop

  It’s a well-known fact that daylight boosts our mood. When we have bright sunny days, everyone tends to feel better, be more upbeat and feel healthier within themselves. We all know that when we are exposed to daylight, we are getting a boost of vitamin D, whether we are inside or outside, this is […] Read more…


Making sure the elderly keep their independence

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Making sure the elderly keep their independence

  As we get older, sometimes, we rely on other’s around us to help us get around. However, there are ways that the elderly can keep their independence, taking the weight off those caring for them.     Lucas and I often go out with my Grandma who is 88. When Lucas was still in […] Read more…