Refreshing cucumber salads

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It’s hydrating, it’s full of nutrients and it’s also great for keeping your skin radiant. Cucumber, thanks to its versatility, it’s tolerance to grow in most places and its great health benefits has made its way to a lot of different salads. Keeping that in mind, here are some cucumber salad ideas that I am […] Read more…


VonHaus 2500w 11 fin radiator review

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white VonHaus 2500w 11 fin radiator

  Having recently moved to France we have been staying in temporary accommodation while our new house purchase completes. Our accommodation only has a wood burner downstairs which doesn’t adequately heat the rest of the house. Like most buildings in France, ours is built from stone and is colder inside than outside, even on the […] Read more…


Tips on Cleaning Your Vacuum

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a vacuum next to white trainers

  I’m sure plenty of us have taken the time in lockdown to do a spring clean of our houses and a kitchen deep clean. What’s often neglected though is the spring clean of our equipment including our vacuum. Clean the canister Many vacuums no longer use bags but if yours does, discard the bag. […] Read more…


Why playing outside is so important for children

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Why playing outside is so important to children

  With iPads and TV screens taking up a huge chunk of time everyday, children today are hardly getting outdoor exposure, and that’s bad, in more ways than one. Time and time again, studies have found how playing outside is extremely important for children, and if you’re wondering how, here’s a bit of insight into […] Read more…