Tips to Take Care of Natural Wood Flooring

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wooden floor with succulent plants on in plant pots, the photo is taken from above

  Wooden floors can look elegant and timeless, but maintaining can be hard work. When you look after them properly though, they can last for decades, and today, most natural wood flooring that’s commercially available is reasonably durable too. So whether you already have natural wood flooring in your home or are planning to get […] Read more…


Play Equipment for Bored Children

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Lucas knelt down at the top of his play area, he’s looking through the telescope

  Thinking of the next big present to keep your child entertained from boredom? There is a range of different play equipment suitable for children of all ranges. Below are some of our favourites that are sure to be a big hit as gifts on that special day. Children’s Bikes Bikes have been one of […] Read more…


5 common myths and facts about fertility

| Family, Lifestyle

5 common myths & facts about fertility. Separate the fact from fiction as increased stress and anxiety only harm chances of becoming pregnant

  There’s no doubt about it, fertility is a minefield. So much is written about fertility struggles and it can make for an intimidating read, especially when you’re trying to get pregnant and becoming anxious about it. It’s important to separate the fact from the fiction as increased stress and anxiety only harm your chances […] Read more…


Aromatic plants for a patio area

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Coriander/Cilantro herbs and knife.

  If you only have a small patio area, you will want to make full use of your potential space. Although there are many plants suitable for growing in patio containers, aromatic plants provide greater benefit than others. Aromatic plants can both attract and repel insects and birds, depending upon the plant species; botanically speaking, […] Read more…