This past couple of weeks, we have been receiving lots of fresh cherries on our doorstep. This week, we realised it was our neighbour who was leaving them, when he came up with a bucket full whilst we were sat outside. Yesterday, we decided to make a cherry tart. Lucas was very proud of himself, pitting them all using a bamboo straw. We used the roll out pastry that you get from the supermarket fridge. After he placed the cherries on the pastry we cooked for 30 minutes. Once the tart had cooled, we melted chocolate to drizzle over the top then popped in the fridge until after dinner. It was absolutely delicious!x


Lucas putting the cherries with a bamboo straw


Lucas at the kitchen table with the pastry in a dish ready to put cherries in. The pitted cherries are on a board in front of him


Cherry and chocolate tart slice on a plate with cherries and squirty cream at the side


Lucas sat outside at the table smiling at the camera with a spoon in his hand and cherry tart in front of him

The Ordinary Moments

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