In Lucas’ L’Ecole Maternelle, they have a reward system throughout the week. In each of their books, they have a rocket for each week and the teacher will put a coloured dot in each section according to how they behaved that day.

There are 4 colours, red, yellow, green and blue. Red being the worse and blue being the best. Lucas has had three full weeks of all greens which we are really pleased about. On the Fridays, according to the colours of the full week, they get a treat.

Some times it will be they can choose a sweet out of the box and some times they can choose a small toy (usually freebies like from McDonalds).

Lucas was very pleased this Friday, to be able to choose a toy and brought home a Mr Potato Head. He kept saying how proud he was of himself.

He also must have spotted some more potato heads in the box because he said he’s going to try and collect them all x


Lucas sat on a bean bag putting mr potato head together

The Ordinary Moments

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