We went to Bergerac over Christmas and New Year, house sitting. It was so lovely to have a base somewhere to explore some new places but my favourite part of it was looking after the dogs. I really enjoyed getting out walking with them and Lucas’ confidence grew so much playing ball with them x


Lucas is walking down a long pebbled driveway where we are house sitting. He is wearing waterproofs and 2 black and white collie dogs are walking beside him

Lucas in a field with 2 black and white collie dogs looking at him waiting for the ball to be thrown whilst we are pet sitting


13 Comments on The ordinary moments #49 – pet sitting

  1. Fresh air and dog walks, one of my favourites things to do! Linking up with #theordinarymoments this year x

  2. We love dog sitting. We hope to get our own dog one day, but it’s good practice. lovely pics #mysundaysnapshot from last week. Sorry it’s a bit late!

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