We moved house a couple of weeks ago and where we live now is really making me appreciate how beautiful the area is. The school is is surrounded by winding roads, hills and fields for as far as you can see. Rather than stopping for traffic and people crossing over, I’m pulling over whilst I wait for the goats to cross the road or the cockerels huddling together on the roadside x


A blue and orange sky during sunset

A goat looking at camera through trees

Brown and white chickens on the roadside with fields behind

A road going downhill, surrounded by fields and the sun is high in the sky

The Ordinary Moments

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  1. It looks lovely, I hope you are very happy where you are now. I remember my brother moving to the country side once. Well, it was a small housing estate but his house backed on to some fields. One morning he woke up to find his fence had been knocked down and there were two cows in his backgarden. Not something you see every day 🙂

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