On Monday, we returned from the UK. We went for a week during half term to visit family. Lucas turned 5 on the 15th Feb but his school didn’t break up until the 21st and he wanted to see family and friends for his birthday so we did a belated birthday trip for him. It was lovely catching up with family, particularly my Grandparents. We had a family get together for his birthday, we met up with a couple of his friends to go to Legoland at Trafford Centre and met up with another of his friends for lunch at The Highfield in Croston. A week goes very fast, especially when both Monday’s where spent travelling, so we couldn’t see everyone or do everything he wanted to do but I wanted him to spend time with his Great Grandparents rather than spending a week driving to various places x


Lucas hugging his great grandma and great grandad


Lucas and his great grandma sat on the sofa looking at the camera

The Ordinary Moments

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