Yesterday we spent the morning doing some jobs together around the house. In France, where we live anyway, you don’t have big bins at your house that are collected like in the UK.

There are various industrial sized bins in central places like at the end of a hamlet in particularly rural places or in the middle of a village where everyone takes their rubbish and it’s collected from there. Ours, where we live at the moment is just a short walk to the end of the road.

Lucas enjoys walking down taking the rubbish or using his scooter to get there whilst we carry the bag. We cleaned the car out yesterday morning, took rubbish to the bin and then washed the car. It was filthy from the rural roads so was definitely in need of a wash!


Lucas stood on a road holding the black bin bag wearing a green stripy coat


Lucas washing the car with a hose pipe. It’s a silver corsa and lucas is wearing a green stripy jacket and starry shorts

The Ordinary Moments

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