Planning a birthday party around a main idea can make the organising of the party simpler and enhance the excitement of the event for the birthday child and their guests.

There are many choices of themes for party celebrations. Sometimes a child’s interest changes quickly, so find out what is most interesting and ask about the chosen theme a few times to make sure it wasn’t a fleeting thought. A month or so to allow for planning the party, purchasing items and getting the invitations ready should be sufficient.

Picking the Theme

Here are some party theme ideas that can be as simple or as creative as desired:

Favourite movie or long awaited new release

Favourite sport to watch or play

Favourite television show or character

Carnival games


An old-fashioned picnic

A favourite place

Interweaving the Theme Idea into the Party

Planning is part of the fun and a child can help with ideas. Start by purchasing or making theme-related decorations. Plan theme-related games and activities like sack races at a picnic or breaking balloons with a water gun at a carnival party. Toss bean bags into a tyre at a race car party, lead a sing-a long for youngsters or teach some magic tricks. The ideas are endless.

A children’s birthday party could have its theme based on a movie. Start by decorating the party site. Maybe plan to watch the movie or clips of it. A further step would be to have theme related accessories and activities. A movie about cars racing could have old tyres, racing flags, obstacle courses and a go-cart. A Little Mix themed party could show parts of a concert or movie and mix in some karaoke.

Remember to tie in the food choices too. Offer popcorn in popcorn bags and set up a candy shop if watching a movie, have individual bowls of cotton candy and snow cones at a carnival, hot dogs at a baseball theme and serve punch in coconut cups at a Hawaiian party. If the character on a show has a favourite be sure to serve that as well.

Where to Get Supplies

Specific party stores, cake decorating stores, department stores, charity shops and supermarkets carry party supplies. Matching invitations, tablecloths, paper plates, cups, pinatas, balloons, loot bags, party hats and many other accessories are available. This is a good starting place if the theme is based on a character, movie or television show that is currently popular.

If the interest for the party is based on a television show or movie that is no longer available then look on the internet for pictures or enlarge and photocopy a movie or book cover that you can use for decorations or a game. Mix in party supplies of a similar theme. One example would be merging the Fireman Sam television show with fire fighting party supplies.

Second hand shops are a great place to find things not currently on the market as are online shopping sites that specialise in used items. Garage or jumble sales are also great places to find things like stuffed animals to play animal hospital with or remnants of fabric for making bean bags.

A child’s birthday party is a fun event. Adding a theme to the party heightens the experience. It gives the guests an idea what to expect and maybe what to buy as a birthday present. It helps guide the parents in choosing decorations, props, party bag gifts and in planning the games and the menu. Most importantly, it makes the birthday child’s idea for the celebration a reality.


Birthday party ideas for children


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  1. I remember when I was a kid we’d always go to the local market that had party supply stalls to pick what to put in party bags etc. There’s so much more choice now x

  2. Wow you’ve got some brilliant birthdays ideas here . I’ve got three coming up in the next few months so dan definitely use these then

  3. Great tips! I find party planning super stressful but then love seeing it all come together at the end and seeing the kids faces when it all comes together! There are so many great theme ideas online now too for inspiration which definitely helps!

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