Fireman Sam is celebrating being on our screens for 30 years this year. I must have been about 1 when the show first started and remember watching it with my brother. It has been a firm favourite in many houses over the years. Lucas was given some Fireman Sam toys a couple of months ago from a friend’s son who has grown out of them. I love that although it has been 30 years, it still keeps children entertained and I hope it continues for another 30 with Lucas introducing it to his own children one day.

Fireman Sam
To celebrate in this anniversary, a new DVD is being released on 3rd April. The new collection of tales from the ultimate hero next door and his crew. Fireman Sam lives in the accident-prone town of Pontypandy, where he helps with fighting fires, manning the lifeboat, helping the mountain rescue, or joining up with the emergency medical services. With his colourful cast of helpers, he is always there to lend a hand!

In this new DVD it’s Fireman Sam’s birthday and Charlie has asked Joe to make Sam a remote control model of Jupiter as a surprise present. At the Fire Station, Station Officer Steele has told Sam, as it’s his birthday, he should relax for the day. However, will the birthday party go ahead as planned for everyone’s favourite hero next door?

Episodes featured in this collection total at approximately 50 minutes:- Sam’s Birthday; Pontypandy in the Park; Paddle On; The Great Party Panic and Pizza Pandemonium.

If you would like to win a copy of the DVD for your little one’s, enter below x

Fireman Sam


54 Comments on Fireman Sam turns 30!

  1. No Fireman Sam was not about when i was a child, would love this for my Granddaughter, she loves Fireman Sam

  2. I was an adult before Fireman Sam was on tv etc. I’d like to win for family, children are fond of Fireman Sam.

  3. I’m rather too old to have seen it as a child but have spent the last couple of decades following his adventures with my sons

  4. I remember my little brother being obsesses with Fireman Sam but I was never really into it to be honest but my little boy thinks he’s incredible. He’s changed quite a bit from the early days though hasn’t he.

  5. No I don’t think it was on when I was a child, but I’ve watched it with my kids. If I win I’d give this to my little niece, thanks.

  6. I didn’t watch fireman Sam. I was a Rupert the bear fan, remember my little brother being a fan. I would give it to my daughter who is 3.

  7. I absolutely did 🙂 I grew up with Fireman Sam, and loved him. A key part of my childhood! I’d give this to my friend’s daughter

  8. I did watch Fireman Sam as a child and i would give this to my friend for her son if i was to win.

  9. I didn’t watch it when I was younger, It was Teletubies for me. My daughter loves fireman sam I would give this to her for a treat. Thanks for the chance

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