Easter half term is just around the corner and University Games has pulled together its top games to keep the family entertained across the Easter holidays. Better still, they are offering one lucky reader the chance to win the game of their choice!
Top board games easter giveaway yeti in my spaghetti
Yeti In My Spaghetti
This game is as crazy as it sounds… Take turns to carefully pull away the squiggly spaghetti sticks from the bowl, but be careful not to let the yeti that is sat balancing on top tumble into the bowl. As the intensity rises with each draw of spaghetti, the player who makes the yeti fall is the looser!

Top board games 5 second rule giveaway

5 Second Rule Jr.
The super popular, lightening fast game of 5 Second Rule is sure to unleash everyone’s competitive side! Players have to answer with the first three words that come to mind before the 5 second timer is up. This Jr. version makes it suitable for the smaller members of the family too.


On the road over half term? Grab yourself a game 5 Second Rule Mini – the UK’s no.1 selling mini game!

Top board games easter giveaway googly eyes

Googly Eyes
Googly Eyes is the hilarious drawing game involving crazy, googly glasses that challenge your vision and leave you googling for more.
Simply put on the zany, vision-altering Googly Eye glasses and start to draw whilst the team tries to guess what you’re drawing – and on a time limit!

Top board games giveaway

Word Has it!
Challenge the wordsmiths in the family to this race at great speed… the tallest word is what you need!
This new word game from University Games is sure to put the fun on the rise – simply create the tallest word under the time limit to win!

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167 Comments on Top Board Games For Easter Half Term

  1. I’d love to win Googly Eyes, it would go e the rest of the family a chance to see what I see when I don’t have my glasses on lol.

  2. I would choose word has it as we have googly eyes and I don’t know if my 8 year old would be too old for the others.

  3. 5 second rule sounds like fun for all the family. Fab giveaway would love to be your lucky winner. Fingers crossed

  4. I would love the 5 second rule game, should be fun in my household. Thanks so much for linking up to #mainyloveseaster

  5. We already have Yeti in my Spaghetti and it’s my sons favourite at the moment. I’m sure he’d love 5 second rule Jr please x

  6. That would have to be Yeti In My Spaghetti, looks like a game we would all enjoy to playas a family

  7. definitely the Yeti in my Spaghetti. I let my girls choose and they said I don’t let them play with their food. This way they can and not get told off for it.

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  9. I would choos ‘yeti in my spaghetti’ because both of my kids have been asking for it for months now!

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