The ordinary moments. Lucas sat in his car seat with a huge teethy smile, tomato ketchup around his mouth. Red and blue checked shirt, blonde curly hair


Yesterday I went to a bloggers get together in Liverpool. I caught the train there so D and Lucas dropped me off at the station. When we got to the station, Lucas was oohing and aahhing, I think he thought we were going on an exciting family day out 😕

I took this photo when they picked me up, as you can see Lucas has clearly had a good day. They had been to a fair, on some rides, to a toy shop where they bought a game and Paw Patrol figures to paint and before collecting me had stopped at McDonalds. Lucas was sat in the car, with his nuggets, chips and tomato ketchup happy as can be. He definitely loved his treat day with Daddy!

Look what Daddy treated Mummy to…


Bouquet of red roses wrapped in purple sellophane



Living Arrows

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  1. Lucas looks so happy to see. I was supposed to go to the Liverpool meet on Saturday but totally forgot about it, hope you had fun. #LivingArrows

  2. What a lovely sight to come back to, a super happy child and a gorgeous bunch of flowers! x #LivingArrows

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