You want what’s best for your family and you’re probably ready to make financial changes to secure a more stable future. Unfortunately, many families live from one paycheck to another and if an emergency occurs, this often entails maxing out credit cards or taking out personal loans. Budgeting can be a lot easier than you might think and it’s a great idea to get the whole family on board so that it becomes a habit that each member can improve upon.

Set a Specific Budget

The first step is to create a specific budget for each month. This involves setting a budget for your food shopping, bills and other expenses that may come up. In order to save money and avoid going further into debt, you have to stick to this as much as you possibly can. To begin creating, you will need to take your income and your debt ratio into account to figure out how much you have left over. Try to make cuts whenever and wherever possible to increase the amount you’re left with at the end of the month.

Look for Free or Cheap Activities

There is no reason to spend a small fortune on things that you can do with the family. For instance, you might find a free local activity to get involved with or you are able to get a great deal on a local play or movie that you can see together. While luxury vacations and pricey arcade tickets can be fun, there are many options available for families of all sizes that won’t break the bank.

Get Out of Debt

Getting out of debt can have a positive impact on your finances and your ability to budget. Visit here to see how refinancing old student loans can save money each month. Consolidating all of your debts onto either one loan or card can prevent costly interest payments going forward. There is absolutely no shame in being in debt and in fact, most families have some type of debt that they either want or need to get rid of. The key is to work to eliminate this debt and avoid more from accumulating.

Limit Overspending and Impulse Shopping

Overspending is a major problem with many families and impulse shopping is a lot more common than you might think. Regardless of where you and your family are going, it is important to prevent overspending as much as possible. This might include cooking at home more often than going out to eat. It might involve cutting down on luxury expenses like having your nails and hair done as well as going for tanning or massages. Getting rid of luxury and impulse spending can do a world of good for your financial well-being.

Save Up and Plan for Emergencies

You need to have an emergency fund for your family. The best way to grow this fund is to automate transfers with your bank so that a small amount of each paycheck is put into a savings account. The most beneficial reason for having an emergency fund is that it’ll prevent the need to max out one of your credit cards or having to take out a pricey personal loan. It is never too soon or too late to start creating a fund specific for emergency expenses.


Budgeting Basics for Busy, Active Families


14 Comments on Budgeting Basics for Busy, Active Families

  1. I’m working really hard on impulse buying, that thing is hard nut. This month challenge is to actually stick to my budget. So far so good. Thanks for all the tips

  2. This is a really helpful and informative post! I’ve gotten better with budgeting but I don’t have a family yet so I’m sure that will absolutely change the dynamic when it happens, so this is good to know.

  3. Great advice. I’m trying to cut back on expenses as we are due to move house in the next few weeks and anywhere we can save money is a huge help at the moment.

  4. These are all wonderful tips for sure. I do have an issue with impulse shopping…. I get a fabulous email for a sale and it calls to me…. LOL! I am better with it now and am saving more so that feels good enough to keep me with that mindset so that we can save and budget appropriately. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Great suggestions. I find setting a budget with toddlers is really hard. But i think simplicity is important and definitely saves money in the long run.

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