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Why family influencers are rising

| Lifestyle, Projects

Moving abroad with children

  Influencer marketing as a marketing strategy has grown leaps and bounds and has taken the world by storm in recent years. Brands have now understood the value of this niched down form of marketing and turned to it to promote their new launches and build a wider audience. So where do family influencers come […] Read more…


How to keep on top of your social media

| Lifestyle, Projects

How to keep on top of your social media

  Everyone is on social media these days, from my younger cousins to my Grandma, it’s rare for someone to not be on at least one social media platform. Time has progressed from the days of MySpace and Facebook. People are using Twitter on a daily basis, for socialising, not just for work. As well […] Read more…


Birthday party ideas for children

| Lifestyle, Projects

Birthday party ideas for children

Planning a birthday party around a main idea can make the organising of the party simpler and enhance the excitement of the event for the birthday child and their guests. There are many choices of themes for party celebrations. Sometimes a child’s interest changes quickly, so find out what is most interesting and ask about […] Read more…


How to find the perfect wedding venue

| Projects

How the find the perfect wedding venue #wedding #weddingplanning

  What is the single most difficult thing a 30 something female in the UK has to deal with? Supporting their bride-to-be friend with wedding planning of course! The engagement has happened and the excited celebratory bubbles have been drunk, now it’s time to get the planning started. All those pinterest boards and hours of […] Read more…


Organising a Christmas Tree Festival

| Projects

This year I took on the task of organising a Christmas tree festival at my local church. I have seen Christmas markets before but wasn’t 100% sure how tree festivals worked but I’m quite happy with how it turned out. I started off by emailing local businesses to see if they would like to exhibit […] Read more…


Children’s subscription box for only £1

| Projects, Reviews

Children’s subscription box for only £1. Coloured paper, glue stick, string, the mask template to make the parrot mask

  Lucas was sent* a Weekend Box last week which is a fortnightly or monthly subscription box, aimed at children 3-8 years old. The boxes are posted on Tuesdays with the aim of them being delivered Fridays but in some exceptional circumstances it may be Saturday. They are delivered through the letterbox so you don’t […] Read more…