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Children’s subscription box for only £1

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Children’s subscription box for only £1. Coloured paper, glue stick, string, the mask template to make the parrot mask

  Lucas was sent* a Weekend Box last week which is a fortnightly or monthly subscription box, aimed at children 3-8 years old. The boxes are posted on Tuesdays with the aim of them being delivered Fridays but in some exceptional circumstances it may be Saturday. They are delivered through the letterbox so you don’t […] Read more…


Ravensburger Minion 3D puzzle

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Ravensburger Minion 3D puzzle

I made a Minion 3D puzzle this week, it was actually quite relaxing to do.     It’s aimed at 7 years and over so Lucas is way too young but he wanted to be involved. In the end Lucas’ involvement meant he crushed it twice whilst I was building it and he moved my […] Read more…


Before I’m 40…maybe 50 or 60

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It’s my birthday today, I am now 32…I think it still classes as early 30s but I genuinely didn’t think I was that old. My mind is still set at 30, it didn’t occur to me that 2 years have past, that my baby is now nearly 3 years old. It’s got me thinking though […] Read more…


#StayClassyMama Link Up No. 74

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Hello, welcome to #StayClassyMama, I am very excited to be co-hosting with the lovely Pat from White Camellias this week. I hope you have all had a good week, I feel like I haven’t had a moments rest this week, with either running around keeping Lucas occupied or working but it’s all good because on […] Read more…

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Reasons to be a professional counsellor

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Reasons to be a professional counsellor #counsellor #counselling #careers

  If a regular career, such as one in business, education, or law simply won’t do it for you, it might be time to consider something that will allow you to really make a positive difference in the lives of others. A great example of such a career would be a professional counsellor. These days, […] Read more…


Teacher training tips for busy parents

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Teacher training tips for busy parents

  Teaching is a great career option for parents – not only do you understand the young mind, thanks to spending so much time with your own little ones at home, teaching hours are also usually a good fit for busy mums and dads who need to make sure that they can be at home […] Read more…


Who do you think of as inspirational women?

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inspirational women

  Inspirational women can be found in all areas of our lives and Flowers Direct have asked who I am inspired by for their #InspiredBy campaign, they have also made the most beautiful eBook that you can see below.   I was trying to think of a famous woman that inspires me but then I […] Read more…