Hi baby boy

I’m really mad at myself for not filling in the dates in the back of your red book to mark your first smile, first laugh, lifting your head at tummy time etc. so I’ve decided I’m going to write to you. To mark your firsts and just to remind us of what we got up to together before I return to work x

We started weaning on the 15th August, I was adamant that I wanted to wait until you were 6 months old, no harm was coming to you on milk so I didn’t see the point of rushing your body. I’m glad we did wait, because you have taken to it really well. You have really enjoyed sweet potato from the start. I made you butternut squash yesterday for the first time and I would say that is your new favourite. You also tried cauliflower, which you did eat but not with as much enthusiasm. You really haven’t liked carrots from the start, you have tried them a few times now and pull your face like I am poisoning you each time. You have also had parsnip, chicken dinner, scrambled egg and various mixed veggies from hipp organic and ellas kitchen when I’ve had lazy days. I won a hamper of hipp organic goodies so that has come in very useful! As for fruit, you have liked all of them. You aren’t a fan of finger foods yet but I’m sure you will start picking at them when you are ready x

you are making mama, dada and hiya sounds x

I took you to the clinic last week and you weighed 16lb 12oz. You have gone slightly over the line you have been following but that’s expected when you have started weaning x

We visited Auntie Zoe last week to make a memory bear out of your old clothes, unfortunately we didn’t get very far as she had Chanel, Sasha and Lola round. 2 babies and 2 toddlers aren’t the best environment for trying to cut and sew! You had a play with Lola, she kept trying to hold your hand and stroke your hair x

We went to the farm the day after to try and make your memory bear with Grandma but she couldn’t find her ‘sharp’ scissors so it was another unsuccessful mission, you had a good play with all your toys though, you have as many toys there as you do at home and you always have a chuckle with Grandad x

We went to Southport last Friday to pick which photo we wanted from your second Watch Me Grow session. We visited your Grandad at the garden centre on the way home and had lunch there.

On Sunday we went to Wigan, we parked up at your Daddy’s work and then had a walk down the Leeds Liverpool canal. Your Daddy showed us where he used to play with his cousin and where his Grandma used to live. It was a lovely walk, the flashes are beautiful x Once we got back, we visited Lynda and Ian to wish Ian a happy birthday. Auntie Lynda did her usual Lucas whispering and got you to sleep after a game of peek a boo x

We went swimming on Monday, you went under water 4 times, I’m glad you enjoy it, you are a proper water baby x

We went to Heskin Hall on Tuesday with Anna for her to buy a birthday present for her friend and picked your Grandma up from work after that as she had no car x

We went to a new baby group on Wednesday morning that Clare told me about. G and S met us there. You were a bit grizzly to start off but enjoyed it when the singing started, the time went much quicker at this group than others we have been to so I think this can become a regular group. The other parents seemed friendly as well which is a bonus, I don’t know why but a couple of groups have been to have been quite clicky, they all must have been in the position to go to a group for the first time on their own, surely they and their friends weren’t all pregnant at the same time so you would think they would be welcoming but hey ho. I’m glad we met G at pregnancy yoga to keep eachother company finding places we want to go. Oh, you also had your first piece of toast, you shared a slice with S. You enjoyed that x

On Wednesday 26th, you spent the majority of the afternoon rolling over whenever you got chance so I had a move around in the living room to give you more space and make it safer for you x

We have visited Grandma J a couple of times, you squealed with delight when we walked in to hers a couple of days ago. You kept showing her how you can roll over but then got frustrated when you didn’t know what to do next x

So baby, apart from a quick trip to Birkacre, capitol centre and food shopping I don’t think theres anything else to report x

You and your Daddy have made me very happy, thank you x

Love you xx

This is what you are doing now;

lucas as a baby looking up at camera smiling wearing a blue top with yellow cars on



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