When I was doing my GCSEs at school I took textiles as my technology option. I wasn’t great at it and I’m not sure why I took that over food technology which would have been more useful to me later on, but I suppose as a 14 year old deciding which sounded more fun, textiles must have appealed more.

I have never been naturally creative, if you ask my cousins what I used to draw when we were younger, the answer will always be a dog. I mastered how to draw a certain dog and I stuck to it, adding clouds, sunshine, grass or stars around  to vary it. In later years, I have also added a flower to my drawing skill set.

My GCSE project was to make an outfit that would fit into either the 60s or 70s, I can’t quite remember now. I made some flares with tie dye inserts and (I think) a camasole type top. I managed to pass with a C but I think that was due to my research portfolio being better rather than my needle work.

My lack of creativity and talent however, is not putting me off as I have decided I would like to make a memory bear from Lucas’ old clothes and a teepee for his 1st birthday.

I’m making the bear today, fingers crossed I’m not updating this tonight with injuries I have received rather than a picture of the bear x

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