I ma massing Lucas at baby massage. You can see sensory lights around us

Lucas and I attended a course of baby massage sessions. Massage is a great way of strengthening the bond between you and your baby.

Our sessions where held in a small sensory room, the lights were dimmed, fibre optics and a lit up floor to ceiling fish tank was our background. Soft music played and Lucas immediately relaxed, he enjoyed looking around at the other babies and they all took an interest in the fish tank watching the fish and lights. I initially thought a room full of babies wouldn’t be relaxing but throughout all six sessions, the babies where relaxed and barely cried.

Massage increases levels of oxytocin, the feel good hormone and can help babies brain development, reduce stress levels, increase communication skills, confidence and self esteem for both baby and the parent.

We were shown how to massage to relieve colic, constipation and trapped wind. We were also shown techniques to relieve teething pain, a blocked nose and congestion.

Massage is also great for promoting a good sleep pattern and we have incorporated it into Lucas’ bed time routine.

I would recommend them to anyone looking for an activity to do with their baby x

We attended Hushabye Hands in Buckshaw Village, Suzanne was fab.


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