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I was recently sent two Haberman anywayup cups to try and review, giving my honest opinion.

This was perfectly timed with starting to wean Lucas.
The cups are designed to aid the transition from breast/bottle to drinking independently. I was worried that Lucas wouldn’t take to a cup as he has been exclusively breastfed with the occasional bottle from his daddy. I needn’t have worried at all, Lucas loved the cup and drank easily from it, having no issues with it also being water.

Lucas found the handles on both cups easy to hold and looked very pleased with himself when he put the cup in his mouth without any help!

The rigid and shaped spout helps to protect growing teeth by delivering the liquid pass them. It also encourages sipping rather than guzzling by only allowing the drink to flow when Lucas sucks and swallows.

The cups really can be held anyway with no spillage, before giving it to Lucas, I repeatedly shook it upside down to check this. This gave me more confidence during our first week of weaning to enjoy it and make every meal time a fun experience, even when Lucas thought it was fun to shake the cup up and down before dropping it on the floor. This game did show me how durable it is!

I love the funky designs of both cups and that they are microwave and dishwasher safe. The cups are both also very easy to hand wash and dry quickly.

Lucas particularly liked the cow design, looking and laughing at it throughout meals. I adore the penguin, I think it’s fab! A great addition to my cup cupboard (I love buying cups!). I can’t recommend these cups enough.

haberman  haberman haberman

haberman haberman


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