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After listening to people telling me for the past couple of months that Lucas is ready for food, Lucas is still waking every couple of hours during the night because I’m not feeding him and how they used to wean at 4 months or in my Grandmas case, 3 months, we have now started weaning!

Yes, I have been rather precise with it being 6 months to the date but Lucas is a happy baby with my chubby cheeks and the usual chunky baby thighs so he has hardly wasted away whilst waiting for this momentous occasion.

Excited, especially in D’s case as he will now play a bigger role in Lucas’ meal times is an understatement!

We started with some mashed up banana yesterday which went down well. I expected him to play with it in his mouth before spitting it out but he happily swallowed it.

He had some sweet potato later on which he loved and also some carrot which was not gratefully received, he looked at us like we were trying to poison him.

Strawberry went well today, he looked very pleased with himself when he was eating that!

This is such an exciting stage for him to explore new textures and tastes but selfishly I feel a little sad that it is the beginning of the end of his baby stage where I am his food source x


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