The Vtech playtime bus makes learning fun.

It is a great looking toy with chunky buttons for babies and toddlers to easily press.

Although Lucas is only 6 months old, we decided to purchase this as the music mode alone keeps him occupied longer than any other other toy he has. When we get the bus out of his toy box, his face lights up. He turns to it straight away if we put it next to him when he is playing on his mat and reaches to press the buttons, which I think is important for his development to learn through cause and effect.

The bus has also encouraged him to roll over for the first time as he was trying to reach it, just for that it has been worth buying!

We also use the other modes with him, which include phonic sounds, letters, numbers, counting and safety rules. He obviously doesn’t understand these yet but I like that it is an english accent and he laughs at us interacting with the bus.

The bus also has engine and horn sounds. The volume can be set to a quieter or louder setting which is great for not overpowering everything else.

This bus will definitely be used lots over the next couple of years as my baby grows into the different activities.

I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a fun, robust and educational toy. I think it would be a struggle to find another all round toy at such a good price, it is excellent value for money.



Vtech Playtime Bus with Phonics Review. Lucas is lying on his playmat playing with the bus



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