A day at Coral Island, Blackpool. Stroud outside where you can see the huge coral island pirate sign


A couple of weeks ago, my friend and I took the children to Blackpool for the day. We both love Blackpool, it’s filled with a zillion memories from us going with families when we were younger, getting the train when we were old enough to venture their on our own and once we were old enough to drink, various drink filled nights.

Over the past few years, Blackpool has had a makeover and the front is such a wonderful place to walk down now and the beach is lovely to relax and play on. I’ve taken Lucas a few times, we have visited Blackpool Tower, stayed over for a short break and visited the Sea Life Centre a couple of times. Every time we go to Blackpool, without fail, Lucas asks to go into Coral Island. He loves the Pirate Flyer, so when we were invited* to spend the day there, I couldn’t say no!

Coral Island has a variety of places to eat including The Buccaneer Bar & Restaurant, Captain Jack’s Bar & Grill, Peggy’s Family Snack Bar and three Fish and Chip restaurants. What I really love about their restaurants, is that children eat free! For every adult meal purchased, you can get a free meal for a child under 10 in all of their eateries.


A day at Coral Island, Blackpool.cooked breakfast on a white plate

Peggy’s snack bar

When we arrived at Coral Island, we headed straight to Peggy’s snack bar for some breakfast. Peggy’s Snack Bar is one of Blackpool’s largest all day snack bars serving a great choice of hot and cold meals from the counter. There was a variety of breakfast items to choose from when we were there and Zoe and I took full advantage of having a full cooked breakfast. I think Lucas and Chanel were eager to get exploring, as they only ordered toast! The food was delicious and the staff were so welcoming, I didn’t get the lady’s name who served us but she is exactly the type of person to get your day off to a good start.


A day at Coral Island, Blackpool. Lucas sat at s 2p machine

2p machines and arcade games

Lucas and Chanel absolutely loved the 2p machines and especially like the ones that give out tickets as they could save those to redeem a prize at the end of the day. I preferred these ones too as they had a chance to get something and not just keep chucking 2p after 2p in and not get anything in return. They also enjoyed playing with the ball games, aiming to get it into the correct place on the game and the racing car arcade rides. At the end of the day, Lucas and Chanel both exchanged their tickets for prizes to take home.


A day at Coral Island, Blackpool. All 4 of us sat looking at the camera whilst sitting on the camel derby

Camel Derby

My favourite game of the day was the camel derby. Race your camel across the sand dunes by rolling your three balls into the coloured holes. Aim for the red holes as these accelerator holes will have your camel galloping to the finish line in lighting speed. The blue holes get the camel cantering and yellow are a slower trot. This game was so much fun and I think I could have sat on this all day! There is a winner every game so it really brings out your competitive streak. The winner recieves a ticket and these can be spent on smaller ticket items or saved for bigger ticket items.


A day at Coral Island, Blackpool. Lucas and I sitting at the electronic bingoScreens

Prize Bingo

Prize bingo is suitable for all the family, whether they know their numbers or not as the screen autoplays. When the caller calls out the number, you simply tap on your screen and it will automatically tick the number off on your ticket. None of us were particularly impressed with this game and found it quite boring but you could tell that there were a few people in the room that were engrossed in it and wouldn’t be leaving any time soon. There are a variety of prizes to win for both children and adults from smaller ticket items to higher value prizes and high street gift vouchers.


A day at Coral Island, Blackpool. Lucas and Chanel on the pirate flyer smiling at camera holding their pistols

Pirate Flyer

This has always been the reason we ventured in to Coral Island. From Lucas’ first ride a couple of years ago, he has loved it and whenever we are in Blackpool, there is no getting away from going on a ride. He has taken various family members on it and is always so pleased to show them it. You climb the stairs to ride the monorail high above the Coral Island crowds. Aim the Blunderbuss Thunder Guns at the targets and shoot with the guns in the ship. There are various targets to hit and you are taken through the pirates cove where you can see sleeping pirates, monsters of the sea and treasure.


A day at Coral Island, Blackpool, Lucas and Chanel sat on ghost train

Ghost Train

This quickly took over as Lucas’ favourite and he would have happily circled around on the ghost train for the full day if we would have let him! I was worried it would be too scary for him but he absolutely loved it. He was quiet in some places of it and you could see there was something going through his mind as we went through but he obviously loved it and maybe quite likes the thrill of being a little scared. He was soon asking for me not to go on with him and he and Chanel went through it without us.


A day at Coral Island, Blackpool. Fish and chips in card box on a white table. Sausage and chips in styrofoam container and drinks in card and plastic cups

Traditional Fish and Chips

We went to one of the chippy’s for dinner. They offer all the chip shop favourites from traditional fish and chips to battered sausage and gravy. Zoe had fish and chips, I went for pie, chips and gravy. Chanel went for the children’s sausage and chips and Lucas stuck to his old faithful children’s chicken nuggets and chips. The portions were generous and we all enjoyed our meals except for my pie which was rock hard and didn’t seem to have any filling inside of it. I know they are going for the traditional chippy and the containers they serve their food in goes with that vibe but I would prefer them to use plates when people are eating in, just to create less waste, especially to cut down on the single use plastic lids and straws.


A day at Coral Island, Blackpool, Lucas and Chanel playing on the beach

Did we have a good day?

Absolutely, we had such a fun day out and it is so easy to spend the full day at Coral Island. It is central to everything in Blackpool and so easy to park near. Being in Coral Island is very full on though with the lights and sounds so I would recommend breaking the day up. We went to a play on the beach half way through the day to get some fresh air and to let the children play and relax in a calmer environment. We will definitely be returning, Lucas is already asking when he can next go on the ghost train!



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  1. I haven’t visited Blackpool in some time but Coral Island looks so much fun for people visiting! Looks like you had a fantastic time! 🙂 Sim x

  2. I haven’t taken the children to Blackpool yet. It sounds like Coral Island was really good fun. Mine would have loved the ghost train 🙂

  3. We always take our little one to Blackpool to see the lights. We often end up in Coral Island as Jack loves the Pirate Flyer. He hasn’t been on the ghost train yet so that could be one for this year I think!

  4. Coral island sounds like a lovely day for the family to spend time together. My mum loves the 2p machines we could lose her all day on them. I. Glad the ghost train wasn’t to scary and Lucas loved it! My daughter would have lots of fun here for sure

  5. I’ve not been to Blackpool in years but we always used to take Stacey in Coral Island for an hour or two when she was little. She loved it!!

    Louise x

  6. Can anyone remember the name of restaurant on the corner of Waterloo road and the promenade it was a seafood restaurant.thanks

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