During the Summer Holidays, up to 2nd September, Sea Life Blackpool have had a Lego Ocean Explorers event on and we were invited* to check it out. One of the Lego divers has lost 5 pieces of Lego around the centre and visitors can hunt for them as they explore the tanks.


Lego Ocean Explorers at Sea Life, Blackpool Lucas looking in a tank at the fish


Sea Life also said there is an awe-inspiring Sea Life image that you can help develop by adding bricks as well as a mini build area where children can create their own Sea Life creature creations. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see this so I can’t tell you what it was like properly.


Lego Ocean Explorers at Sea Life, Blackpool Red Lego in the tank


With 2000 creatures to see there is plenty to look for in the centre and it is one of those places that you will spot something new each time you visit. From the rock pool to rainforest and sharks swimming overhead there is plenty is spot. I love Lulu, the Giant Green Sea Turtle, she is magnificent to watch.


Lego Ocean Explorers at Sea Life, Blackpool Blue Lego inna tank with fish nearby


Last time we visited Sea Life there was a new display focusing on Sea Stars, this year, there is a big focus on the Turtle Rescue Centre and Lucas enjoyed this part the most.


Lego Ocean Explorers at Sea Life, Blackpool Lulu the turtle


The centre is an interactive journey where the children are encouraged to become a Turtle care expert and understand what is involved in successfully rehabilitating a turtle. He chose a turtle when he went in and took it to the weighing scales where the turtle was weighed and Lucas chose whether it was a boy or girl and also chose its name. He then went on to give it some water to re-hydrate it and food as it was underweight. He gave it an X-ray before releasing it back into the wild.


Lego Ocean Explorers at Sea Life, Blackpool A collage of photos from turtle rescue centre


I thought this was a lovely part and I really like anything that helps children to understand what we need to do to help animals. As we were walking past a member of staff giving a display talk, we heard her say ‘It’s only one straw…said 8 billion people’, I think it’s great that places like the Sea Life Centre help to educate children whilst they can see the beautiful creatures that the plastic waste is harming x



Lego Ocean Explorers at Sea Life, #Blackpool #Lancashire


8 Comments on Lego Ocean Explorers at Sea Life, Blackpool

  1. I love a good sea life centre and it’s good that they’re doing more to educate kids and explain how they can help the sealife. The lego element is cool as well to engage kids x

  2. My son would love to learn how to be a turtle carer. So lovely that places like this are educational as well as fun.

  3. Oh a turtle carer, how cute is that? These places are so important to help our kids learn about the environment, the lego makes it even more interesting for them doesn’t it? 🙂

  4. Sea Life centres are amazing, and a brilliant place to take families. Such a good idea to involve Lego, and to include information on our oceans and the creatures. Educating people on how to care for these wonderful creatures is so important.

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