As we get older, sometimes, we rely on other’s around us to help us get around. However, there are ways that the elderly can keep their independence, taking the weight off those caring for them.


Making sure the elderly keep their independence


Lucas and I often go out with my Grandma who is 88. When Lucas was still in his pram, my Grandma found it a lot easier to walk, pushing his pram. Now, he isn’t in his pram, she links arms with me, which isn’t the best option for either of us. If I’m carrying her shopping bags and trying to keep an eye on Lucas with my Grandma linking my other arm, it can strain my arm and isn’t the most stable for her. Here are some options we have been looking at.


Wheelchairs were specifically created to help those with mobility issues to get around. Certain wheelchairs can be pushed independently without the need to rely on a carer. There’s a wide variety available, with higher end electric wheelchairs, to self-propelled wheelchairs that still offer them independence.
Lightweight wheelchairs are easily transportable and can be fitted quite easily into the back of a car. They are also easily pushed along independently by the wheelchair user, keeping your hands free.

Mobility Scooters

For more long haul journeys, not just round the shops, mobility scooters are a great way of getting around. Some of mobility scooters are actually road legal, so they can be used on the roads a bit like a pedal bike.
There are multiple options to fit with whatever the needs of the person are. If you are needing something that is easily transportable, then light-weight scooters are an option. Mid-range scooters also have an extended battery life, so can be used if you are on a day out and are needing that additional battery life.

Walking Aids

There are also walking aids available, which, as the name suggests, aids the user whilst walking and takes some of the pressure off, relieving pain in the joints and making mobility easier. The most popular walking aids are walking frames and rollators.

Walking Frames are also referred to as Zimmer frames and are a popular and cost effective way of getting around. They provide both safety and stability when getting from point A to point B. There are also heavy duty frames available to support users of all shapes and sizes.

Rollators are very similar to walking frames but offer additional support and stability to those who struggle to lift a walking frame. They are on wheels, so can simply be pushed along by the user. Offering the user freedom without the concern of losing their balance.


Making sure the elderly keep their independence


As you can see, there’s a massive range of options that will ensure our elderly relatives and friends are able to stay independent. Sometimes the hardest part of growing old is pain in the joints and mobility difficulties. These options give people their lives back and ensure they don’t miss out on anything.


Making sure the elderly keep their independence



10 Comments on Making sure the elderly keep their independence

  1. It’s so so important to help elderly people keep their independence! My husband’s nanny has a mobility scooter, walking frame and wheelchair, all of which she uses depending on where she’s going and what she’s doing 🙂

  2. I regret that the lightweight wheelchairs were not around when my grandmother got sick. She had one that was super heavy, it felt like a tank. We just couldn’t find anything that would suit her and gave her a little bit more independence. It was years ago.
    The pictures of nana and Lucas are so precious! <3

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