Last week we were invited* to spend the day in Blackpool Tower. Blackpool Tower offer a Blackpool Big Ticket that gives you admission to the Tower Eye and 4D cinema, the Tower Ballroom, the Tower Dungeon, Jungle Jim’s, the Tower Circus as well as Madame Tussaud’s and Sealife Blackpool! You are never going to be able to do it in a day so you have 90 days to use it to visit each attraction. If you are planning on visiting Blackpool it is incredible value.


Blackpool Tower. The white Wurlitzer piano with a man playing it, he has his back to the camera

When we went last week we visited the dungeon, Jungle Jim’s, the Tower Eye, Dino Golf and the Tower Ballroom.

We started off in the dungeon that brings together theatrical actors, special effects and venues to walk you through a dark experience that you see, hear, touch, smell and feel. We walked through to the first room and it was too scary for Lucas so we asked to leave which thankfully was possible without disturbing the others in the room. My friend continued with her 6 year old daughter and they really enjoyed it. She did find it scary but in a good way.


Blackpool tower ballroom ceiling, large chandeliers, gold and intricate painting


Whilst Zoe and Chanel finished the dungeon tour, Lucas and I had a walk around the tower and played in the amusements arcades. Once their tour was finished we went to Jungle Jim’s. Jungle Jim’s is a huge soft play area, one for older children and an area for under 3’s. There is also a cafe in there if you want to get a drink while they play or something to eat together. We had booked into the Ballroom for Afternoon Tea so we just spent half an hour in there before moving on. The play area is well maintained and supervised. As soon as any child stepped on without socks on or someone climbed where they shouldn’t, there was someone on the microphone saying so.


Blackpool Tower Ballroom couples dancing


I absolutely love the Ballroom and was so excited to be having Afternoon Tea in there. read about the Afternoon Tea here but the Ballroom can be accessed without booking to eat. The Ballroom dates back to 1894 and it is simply stunning, the architecture and decor is just magical. You can go in to have a look, dance, relax, there is a bar open for a snack, sandwich or drink. The Wurlitzer was being played and couples where dancing. I love watching people dance, especially the children that where dancing so beautifully with their grandparents.


Blackpool Tower Dino Golf Lucas is holding a club ready to take a shot. Behind him the walls are covered in forest wallpaper


Once we had finished our afternoon tea, we went up to play Dino Mini Golf. This is a new attraction this year, there are 9 holes based around a dinosaur theme. When the children returned their clubs at the end of the course, they were both given badges to celebrate.


Blackpool Tower Lucas is at the top of the tower looking through the glass, you can see a pier, beach and sea in background


After a game of golf we headed up to the 4D cinema before going up the Tower Eye. The film shows the history of the tower through incredible filming and special sensory effects. Once the film was over we took the lift to the top to 380 feet and walked across the 5cm thick viewing glass platform where you can see for miles around.


If you fancy making a short break of your visit to Blackpool, there are plenty of family hotels in Blackpool, I also recommend Las Iguanas for a meal out.


A day of fun at Blackpool Tower- Dungeon, Jungle Jim’s, the Tower Eye, Dino Golf and Ballroom. #blackpool #blackpooltower #lancashire


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  1. Aww you can’t beat a bit of crazy golf when by the seaside! Blackpool Tower is somewhere I’d love to visit one day, as it’s an area of the country I’ve not been to before 🙂

  2. The last time I went to Blackpool was when I got engaged on the North Pier about 15 years ago! I always used to go as a child, I think I saw Little and Large there with my parents years ago. Blackpool Tower looks great now

  3. I love Blackpool, and the Blackpool Tower! I haven’t been since I was younger but have the fondest memories x

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