I’ve recently been introduced to My Book Heroes. They are personalised books for children that guide them to discover and develop important life skills such as courage, leadership and determination.


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Through their adventurous stories they have the child at the centre and make them the main hero. They show that heroes don’t have magic powers or wear capes but they are everywhere and that their actions can have a huge impact on people and to encourage them to be the best versions of themselves.


My Book Heroes discount code


We were sent* a copy of Discover the Determination in You, Discover the Courage in You and Discover the Leader in You.


My Book Heroes discount code


When ordering the books, you put the child’s first name in and can choose whether you want the main character to be a boy or girl and there are various options of each so you can really personalise it to who you are buying for. There are also different front covers you can choose from and the books are available in English or Greek. In the front of the book, you can pop a personalised message which is perfect if you are buying it as a gift.


My Book Heroes discount code


The books are illustrated beautifully in a fun way to keep Lucas talking about it and interested in the stories. I love the concept behind the stories and think the collection can be built on with more and more values. It is so lovely to read a story that empowers Lucas and encourages him to use these qualities.

My Book Heroes discount code

If you would like to order one, use the code LUCAS10 for 10% discount and for your chance to win one the the books, enter below x


My Book Heroes


My Book Heroes discount code. Personalised children’s books


59 Comments on My Book Heroes discount code and giveaway

  1. I think these are a great idea. I had as a child (and still have) an Alice in wonderland personalised book which was great

  2. These books sound just incredible. I love positive life affirmirming literature and to see it done so creatively in a children’s book series is so brilliant! Thank you for sharing them with us. x

  3. Oh what a lovely idea – this would really excite my little boy, he loves books and if one was personalised to himself it would be a sure favourite!

  4. Do like personalised books, it keeps the children more interested and they get so excited when they know they are in the book

  5. What a nice giveaway I love personalised books for kids both of mine have kept them in memory boxes. I would love to give my nieces one to cherish too!

  6. I thing having a personalised book is a great idea. What ages would you suggest this book is suitable for?

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