Peppa Pig stage playset review


Whether you love her or hate her, you can’t get away from Peppa Pig and Lucas loves watching the programme. He can mouth some of the episodes one for word, he even watches it in foreign languages on the YouTube Kids app! When he was sent* Peppa Pig’s Stage Playset he was absolutely made up.


Lucas playing with the Peppa Pig stage playset


The Peppa Pig stage playset is perfect for little ones to re-enact their favourite episode or create a show of their own with family or friends. In Lucas’ case, he likes to create a play for Peppa and George and no one else needs to be involved. I think he is still gaining his confidence and doesn’t want others watching just yet.


Peppa pig stage playset review


The set comes with a plastic Peppa figure, Peppa George figure, two sets of plastic theatre seats and an abundance of plastic and card accessories. There are 6 backdrops including Christmas, a knights castle, Peppa’s house etc. so there is plenty of inspiration for stories and Lucas’ imagination to take over.


Peppa Pig stage playset review


There is a removable sound box too with 12 different sound effects including the Peppa theme tune, clapping, and laughter. When Lucas has finished his theatre shows, he has been sliding his iPad into the set and using it as his own personal cinema. Lucas loves this set and I’m sure he will get plenty of use out of it. My favourite part of it, is you can tidy all the accessories into the set itself, meaning it’s easy to take out with us.


Peppa Pig stage playset review


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