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Lucas has become quite the little artist recently and is going through paper like it’s running out of fashion! When I attended a blogging conference a few months ago I saw the Rocket Book and thought that it would be perfect to stop wasting paper and still encourage him to draw and be creative.


Lucas writing on the rocketbook everlast


There are various books you can get in different sizes and colours. Lucas was sent* the Rocket Book Everlast in the executive size which is approximately A5, it is also available in letter size which is more like A4. I thought the executive size would be best for popping in his bag when we go out for the day.


Lucas smiling showing his drawing on the rocketbook Everlast


The Everlast has been designed for those who want an endlessly reusable notebook to last for years, if not a lifetime. The Everlast has specially engineered pages that provide an extremely smooth writing experience that can be erased with a damp cloth. With the Everlast book, you also receive a microfibre towel to clean it and a Pilot FriXion pen.


Lucas rubbing the drawing off the rocketbook everlast


The book can be used with any of the Frixion pen range, it came with a black pen but I also bought a pack of colouring pens for Lucas to use. The book works really well. You write as normal but to prevent smudging, you should allow 15 seconds for the ink to dry and physically bond to the page. I did wonder if Lucas would smudge everywhere due to this but he didn’t. When you want to erase the writing, you simply dampen part of a microfibre towel and wipe the page clean. Go over once again with a dry part of the towel and it is ready to use again.


Showing the stages of scanning and emailing on the rocketbook everlast


The really clever thing about this book is you can download the Rocketbook app which allows you to scan your writing or in our case drawings to save them. You can email to yourself or choose to save it in various other places. It’s perfect for keeping Lucas’ drawings without having a load of paper hanging around. I’m sure it’s actually designed for people using in business and taking notes and it’s great. So much better than having notes scattered around a desk or briefcase. It’s all safe in the cloud or on your email ready to send to others if needed.


Scanning and emailing writing on the book


If you fancy buying one yourself, use the code CHILLINGWITHLUCAS10 for 10% discount on the Rocketbook website

For your chance to win a Rocketbook Everlast notebook, Pen and Microfibre Towel, enter below x



Rocketbook Everlast review, the reusable notebook


89 Comments on Rocketbook Everlast review – the reusable notebook

  1. This would be so useful for storing my notes and handouts from Spanish class. Currently I carry them all around in an A4 folder which is bulky and heavy. I’ve tried typing my notes onto my ipad but autocorrect keeps changing all my spanish words!

  2. This looks awesome! I feel like I’m forever buying paper for my 4 year old to draw on.
    I can’t believe I didn’t think of something like this before!
    Great blog. Good luck everyone. 🙂

  3. This is such a good idea, I have piles and piles of lists and notes everywhere! I design on paper and scribble all my ideas down and it gets so messy

  4. This would be really useful for work and personal use! I get through so many notebooks, but sometimes I need to email notes through from work and this would be a much quicker way of doing it!

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