Lucas loves collecting things and loves blind packets of everything from Thomas Mini’s, Kinder Egg toys, Harry Potter Lego Men, Paw Patrol squishies and now he has been introduced to a new surprise on the market from Peppa Pig. Lucas was sent* two Peppa Secret Surprise boxes which are cube shaped presents, due to launch in the UK this December and other countries next year.


Peppa Secret Surprise review Lucas with a blue and yellow party hat on, blowing a party blower and wearing a black jumper


Within the presents, are six hidden drawers that open up. These drawers open to reveal five secret blind bagged toys plus a fun sticker sheet. As you go through opening the drawers, you find exclusive Peppa Pig character figures and party outfits to go with the figure which includes everything from a large accessory, party hat, a gift box that opens up, a sticker sheet and a party gift.


Peppa Secret Surprise review Lucas opening a Peppa branded box


Within Lucas’ boxes where Rebecca Rabbit with a fun party related sticker sheet, a purple and yellow party hat, some wings for her back, a slice of birthday cake and gold gift box.


Peppa Secret Surprise review One of the surprise yellow plastic boxes with two drawers open and twos small pink packets next to ot


In the other box he found Zoe Zebra who came with a silver gift box, a handbag, a sheet of stickable gems, a silver glittery cape and a pink and gold crown.


Peppa Secret Surprise review One of the yellow boxes with all drawers open and contents of drawer next to it


These boxes retail at £9.99 so they are more than we currently spend on the blind packs of figures and squishy toys but the same bracket as the bigger blind packs such as LOL. I think they are great for birthday gifts for nursery friends birthdays and for special treats for Lucas. The boxes are great for reusing and keeping other things in once the character has been fully dressed for the party and I think the amount of accessories you get in them is good value for money as the characters can swap accessories and are great for encouraging role play x


Peppa Secret Surprise review #PeppaPig


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  1. Ohh those are so much better than blind bags and are more usuable great for storage of those little things ( ps my daughter also is a collector of things )

  2. Peppa Pig gives me the creeps, lol. She’s banned from our house. My youngest boy loves her though, and whenever we are the library he make a point of finding all the Peppa Pig books and brings them to me to read to him!

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