Lucas was recently sent* a mobile medical centre  to create his own Peppa Pig adventures. The Peppa Pig Mobile Medical Centre is part of Peppa’s New “when I grow Up” collection from Character Options. This play set suitable for age 3 and above is a push-along ambulance which opens up to reveal a full medical centre inside!


Peppa Pig Mobile Medical Centre review


Lucas immediately lifted the roof off to see a waiting room with seats and a reception desk. Opening the sides he discovered an operating theatre, with x-ray machine, platform and a stretcher. I love all the details on the wall of the operating room, including the arm of the x-ray machine which is able to swing around and down with two flexible points.


Peppa Pig Mobile Medical Centre review


This mobile medical centre play set is really well made. It includes the ambulance, reception desk, first aid box, stretcher bed and three characters. The characters are Teddy, Dr Brown Bear and Nurse Peppa! The figures are great and Lucas was soon organising the X Ray machine, making sure Teddy was receiving the best possible treatment. Teddy has been injured and has a bandage over his leg. So he needs to be well looked after!


Peppa Pig Mobile Medical Centre review


You can seat the two characters at the front of the ambulance. This play set is scaled for play with other Peppa Pig figures too. Both characters are sturdy and well made.


Peppa Pig Mobile Medical Centre review


This is a very well thought out and realistic ambulance. The ambulance moves freely and the characters are robust and fit perfectly within the vehicle. Lucas really enjoyed playing with it and I like the role play scenarios it created. Role play is an important part of child development, as it builds confidence, creativity communication, physical development, problem solving as well as being fun. Role play as a nurse or doctor is perfect for encouraging empathy and respect.



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  1. This is so cute. My three love hospital/doctor based play and they would have had so much fun with this set. There is a lot going on with it and it is very interesting

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