Keeping children interested and happy can be a task, especially when the weather isn’t great. So whether you’re budgeting or just trying to make your little ones realise the joy of little things in life, and not rely on material items,here are some ideas

Organise a treasure hunt

Hide a special surprise for them, it could be a handmade card, their favourite treat or anything you think they will like, and create a little treasure hunt around the house.

Host a pizza party

Whether you want to make pizzas from scratch, with a bought pizza base or adding topping into a bought cheese and tomato pizza. It’s a great bonding experience the entire family can enjoy cooking a meal together and enjoying it later. Lucas and I made pizza at a Mini Kitchen cooking class we went to a couple of weeks ago and he loved seeing how it all developed from flour, yeast and water and he was so proud of himself.

Camp in the house

You don’t always have to travel miles to reach that perfect destination to camp, you can do it at home too. Turn off the lights and set up the tent in the living room, or even your child’s room, put out the sleeping bags, read out stories and enjoy camping indoors.

Plan a movie night

If your children are always asking you to stay up and complete watching that movie with you, and you usually don’t allow them, why not plan a movie night a month for your children? Set the date and prep ahead of time, also remember to get out the popcorn and crisps for a lovely monthly treat together.

Create a luxury bath time

Remember those bath bombs and bubble bath liquid that you have from old presents? Put them to use and plan out a luxury bath day for your children. Bring in the bath products that you probably have never used, and see if they can be used to get that ‘pampered’ feeling. Do it as a surprise for your little ones right before bedtime, so that after they’ve had their bath, they’ll be more relaxed and will be able to sleep more easily. Lucas loves bath bombs, seeing them fizzle away and turn the water a different colour.

Mark a board game night

This one’s just like movie night, mark a night on your calendar and set it as board game night when everyone can stay up late and play different board games, throw challenges as well to keep things even more interesting.


Cheap ways to entertain the children through Winter



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  1. Great ideas. I will definitely do some of them with my granddaughter when she comes to visit over Christmas and New Year.

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