Lucas was recently sent* a Tonka Cement Mixer. There are 4 different machines in the range a Dumper Truck , Front Loader, Cement Mixer and Bull Dozer. We received the Tonka Cement Mixer where you can take control. Lucas likes all things construction so he was thrilled when this arrived and hurriedly opened it. The cement mixer is very durable and is handling Lucas’ rough play very well.


Tonka cement mixer review Lucas is pushing the cement mixer knelt on the carpet with a fire place behind him


This rugged cement mixer features new Motion Drive Technology allowing for fun and intuitive play that brings the action to life. Lucas quickly discovered that by pushing the vehicle forward it made the engine rev and activated the lights. It is so realistic in sound and movement. Once Lucas had manoeuvred around the front room he pulled the vehicle backwards. To his delight the mixer made back- up sounds along with the mixer spinning by turning the handle and making hydraulic sounds complete with flashing lights.  We soon had a concrete pour operation breaking out in the lounge!


Tonka cement mixer review Close up of the mixer with lucas’ finger on the side of it


Lucas enjoys playing with the mixer and he keeps coming back to it. The features activated by Lucas’ interaction with the vehicle create  engaging and realistic role play situations keeping him engaged. It will certainly last the test of time, it has been outside exploring the garden and handles all types of terrain.


Tonka cement mixer review Lucas looking at the camera, smiling, holding the truck up above his head


The Project Tonka Power Movers Vehicles range was recently awarded GOLD in the 2018 Practical pre-school awards. The Tonka Power Mover range is appropriate for ages 3 years and up. I like that it comes with batteries installed.  There’s nothing like opening a toy as a gift only to find they can’t play with it until you get some batteries. This is a great toy for encouraging free play and using imagination to take the little ones into their own construction world. Perfect for budding construction workers.


Tonka cement mixer review


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