Children can benefit from gardening in significant ways. The garden is a place for children to have fun, learn and grow into healthy individuals.

Gardening is fun

Children love to be outside, they love dirt, water and insects so the garden is a perfect playground for them to romp, explore and be creative. Digging in the garden, touching plants and insects, and watching things grow develops a love for nature. They are constantly engaged in the garden, observing, discovering, paying attention. They can also get creative. They can use leaves and sticks to make their own tree farms for pretend animals. Coffee and hot chocolates are created from compost for the garden worms. You can plant tiny seeds like sunflowers and watch as they grow into huge beautiful plants.

Gardening is Educational

So much fun play in the garden turns into learning about our amazing world. The life sciences are all around us in the garden as we learn about different plants and animals, about the food chain and sustainable living.

By exploring the soil and water and paying attention to the weather, we discover Earth science. Lucas loves watering the plants. You can take it further by creating mini rivers out of mud and water, and feeding banana scraps to the worms to enrich the soil.

As you watch seeds grow and change into plants, talk about the sun and energy, these are just a few ways children can enjoy learning about physical sciences. Not only are children learning about science in the garden, but they are doing it in a way that is fun, which nourishes a love for science in them from a young age.

Science is a huge topic of learning in the garden, but children also learn about mathematics, art, culture responsibility, care and compassion.

Gardening is Healthy

Gardening is a great way to get children moving. In the garden they dig, rake, plant, they are constantly in motion in the fresh outdoor air. In addition to exercise, children can grow healthy delicious veggies and fruit that they actually eat. By inviting children into the garden you are helping them create healthy habits for a lifetime. The benefits of gardening with your children will keep sprouting and sprouting.

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Benefits of children gardening


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  1. I wish I had a garden. I love sitting in my mother-in-laws garden though its so relaxing. There are so many benefits of gardening for children, seeing where fruit and veg comes from encourages them to try what they grow

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