I was recently asked* to review MooTV Kids which is an app available to download for free on Google Play, Apple App Store and Amazon App Store.


MooTV Kids app review A screenshot of the jungle book playing

The idea came when Rahul wanted to create something to keep young children safe from the open Internet and free media. Most of us parents use Youtube or a similar platform to play videos for our children. These platforms are full of Free Media, which means there is no real monitoring of what goes in and what doesn’t. This is good for adults or someone who knows what is what, but small children need more guidance. They often fiddle with screen, swipe and within a few clicks, can be watching programmes that aren’t suitable.


MooTV Kids app review A screenshot of the various channels


I tried to download the MooTV Kids app onto Lucas’ amazon fire but really struggled, I couldn’t find it on the App Store so I went through the MooTV Kids website which took me to Amazon, I could then purchase it for free but it didn’t download onto the tablet. In the end I gave up so I downloaded it onto my iPhone.


MooTV Kids app review Screenshot of various categories


When you enter the app, you are greeted with the parental settings where you can choose which categories are shown on the app to your child. There are various categories such as educational, entertainment and music. Within these categories are various channels that your child can choose which to watch. There are also categories available in different languages too.


MooTV Kids app review Screenshot of Peppa Pig saying it needs correct permissions

I think the idea behind the app is a great idea and initially I thought the app was going to be good but then when I clicked onto some videos such as Peppa Pig, they wouldn’t play due to not having the correct permissions. When I went into another video, I clicked onto it to try and make it bigger and it took me straight to YouTube which is the opposite of what this app is created for. From there I could click onto any videos and Lucas could click and find anything he wanted. The screen is also really small and rotating the phone didn’t make it any bigger. The first thing Lucas said to me was the screen is too small and would make his eyes hurt! Unfortunately the app is a great idea but it doesn’t do what it is meant to do, we will be sticking with the YouTube kids app on Apple and the KidsZone on Amazon x


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  1. This is such a good idea. Unfortunately children rely on this type of entertainment and technology too much these days (as much as we try to avoid this!), so it’s comforting to know there are apps like this to keep them safe and entertained x

  2. This is such a brilliant concept and I’m sure a lot of parents are looking for something like this. It’s such a shame it’s not working properly though, hopefully they can iron out the problems soon.

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