What is your favourite season to go out? http://www.chill.ie asked me about whether I prefer to stay in or go out depending on which season it is. If this had been asked a couple of years ago, I would have thought of Summer for going out, getting as much fresh air and sun as possible. I would have immediately gotten that warm cosy feeling about Winter. Curtains closed, heating on, duvet on the sofa, lots of snacks, films and candles lit.

Fast forward two years and I have a toddler who couldn’t care less about what the weather is doing, his priority in the morning is to go out. Whether it’s freezing, raining or sunny, he wants to put his shoes on and go on an adventure. I love this, it is amazing to see the world through his eyes, his spirit isn’t dampened by rubbish weather, he doesn’t see it as a thing to put him off stepping out the front door, everyday is a new day to visit the various family members he wants to see and explore our local area.


Favourite season to go out. importance of outdoor play #tearsintosmiles


Why shouldn’t it be?! If it’s cold, we wrap up warm, get our hats, gloves and coats out. If it’s wet, we get our waterproofs on. If we are lucky and get a sunny day, we pop some suncream on and off we go. I wrote recently about the importance of outdoor play for children. We went for a wonderful walk a couple of months back down the local fields, it was cold and frosty but it was lovely to see Lucas marching on, hearing the sound of our wellies crisp against the grass. It was a time to explore fields he has seen time and time again in a different way.


Favourite season to go out. Turn everyday situations into extraordinary moments


When we do stay in, it’s lovely to have a snuggle on the sofa watching TV, reading or playing on Lucas’ nursery rhyme app on the iPad. We also love playing with his puzzles, megablocks and play pretend in Lucas’ kitchen.  Why don’t you check out the post I wrote last year of ideas of things to do with children in Summer without spending any money x





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  1. I love summer for getting out and about with the children. The weather is so much better and it’s nice to let the kiddies run around looking for bugs and picking and admiring flowers.

  2. I think it really depends on our family mood on the day – I’ve had some wonderful days out in every season! If I had to choose I think I’d go for late spring – not too hot, not too cool and everywhere is starting to come to life 🙂

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